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Reflection Garden Engraved Paver Bricks


You’ve heard the expression “back to basics.” This time we’re talking food. Each month we’ll ask members to donate another “basic” to restock our pantry. April is everything month. We depleted our stock during the Christmas season. Please consider buying one or two items for our shelves. Obviously if you find a great deal for pantry basics, bring ‘em in. There’s always room for more!
Please be mindful of expiration dates on all food items. Unfortunately we have had to remove items from the pantry because of expired dates.  Thank you for your help!

Pantry Windfall
In case you haven’t peeked into our pantry lately, our shelves are no longer bare thanks to Dillon Energy Services. Patty Groezinger saw how our food supply dwindled at Christmas and mentioned her firm would like to donate some basics after the holidays. We expected a bag or two, not boxes and boxes of groceries! Everything from mac and cheese and canned fruit and vegetables to brownie and muffin mixes and frosting, you name it. See Patty’s note on the bulletin board thanking us for our support to the community. Really, it’s the other way around! Pantry angels appear out of nowhere. Nearly every Sunday, someone drops a bag at the door. Thank you Dillon Energy Services and FELC members for your generous hearts!