Vacation Bible School (VBS)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is At-Home VBS?

From August 3-7, participants will join interactive video chats and complete fun activities alongside engaging videos.  It’s done in your own home, any time of day that’s best for you.  Daily materials can be completed in about 90 minutes with minimal adult guidance (though parent participation is encouraged).

But aren’t day camps deemed safe now?  Why not just offer the usual program?

There are many reasons why we cannot do what we’ve done in past years, but here are a few highlights:  First, many of our volunteers are part of the more vulnerable population.  Exposing them to dozens of children, parents, and other volunteers would not exemplify showing Christ-like love to them.  Second, we typically hire professional camp counselors to guide your children through the week.  Since the overnight camps have cancelled their summer programs, there are no counselors to hire.  Third, we believe this is an opportunity to show families how to put Christ at the center of their everyday lives.  God is everywhere—we know he isn’t confined to a church building.  God has not abandoned you in the face of struggle.  God is seeking you in your own home.

Will my child want to participate?

We’ve come up with some great incentives!  After completing today’s material, your child is now eligible for tomorrow’s prizes.  They will also be part of our giving back initiative with Metropolitan Detroit Diaper Bank, so participation means helping others in need.  If they participate for all five days, they are eligible for a GRAND PRIZE.

Why offer prizes?

This is a chance for your child to actively want to explore the bible and grow in relationship with their Savior.  They may come for the prizes, but it is Jesus that will remain with them.

How do we win daily prizes?

Upon completion of the day’s video chat, video, and activities, parents will submit a Daily Post (on their child’s behalf) to our private Facebook page.  Daily Posts must be submitted by 9:00 PM.  A Daily Post today makes them eligible for (but does not guarantee) a Surprise Party tomorrow.

Surprise Party?!?

A group of our VBS Team may surprise your child (but not parents—we will contact you to set up a good time) at your own home.  It’s like a 30-minute party, just for them.  There will be music, dancing, a game, prayer, scripture, and a small gift for your child—all done contact-free and outdoors.  Submitting a Daily Post does not guarantee a Surprise Party; however, if you submit a Daily Post every day, you will get one Surprise Party during the week, in addition to being eligible for the GRAND PRIZE.

Why the registration fee?

Please understand that we consider VBS to be a service to the community, in Jesus name, and the fee will not even cover half of our expenses.  Two thirds of the fee goes toward supplies.  Families will pick up packets of proprietary supplies to complete daily activities (we will send a list of basic supplies to have at home like paper, glue, etc.).  The remaining third of the fee goes to charity.

Is the content suitable for my child?

Any child is welcome to participate, but the content is intended for children who are at least 5-years-old through those entering 6th grade in the fall.  Parents, grandparents, and older siblings are encouraged to join in!  Preschoolers may be able to participate with some extra guidance from parents or older siblings.

My middle or high schooler would like to volunteer—can they?

Yes!  Please visit to fill out an online form.

What’s the theme?

This year’s theme is “Rocky Railway: Jesus power pulls us through!”  Each day will feature a new bible point, bible verse, and bible story showing that we can trust God to guide us through life’s ups and downs.

Any chance you’ll add more in-person aspects to the program?

We will continue to pray and reassess the recommendations from both our government and church leadership.  We are open to last-minute possibilities, but continue to plan for mostly at-home content.